The Difference between civilian and military MREs

If you don’t know what an MRE is, let me tell you that is a really handy resource. To put it simple is a little bag with food that helps soldiers and survivors to handle hunger in a lot of places like battlefields in the case of the soldiers or jungles and forests in the survivor’s case. Apparently, there are a lot of MREs normally the people use to put them under the name of civilian or military. They have their differences and strong points but that doesn’t mean that one kind is better than the other, both MREs are “that” a resource that can save your life in a critical moment or while a disaster. Wars, tornados, hurricanes, even get lost in an unexplored area; MREs can save your life no matter what factor you want to say.

However, people always look for the best or the most essential resource, something that they can say “it works and I can prove it”. So we can point the differences that each MRE has same as the strong points.

–    Civilian MREs: well, they started to appear after one the disaster made by Hurricane Katrina (actually they were already in stores by that time, but the disaster that can make a simple hurricane put people in a hard situation), their sells start to grow up after that incident. But you could ask, why we cannot find military MREs because the name itself says it “Military” the army is not allowed to sell them to the public. For that reason, civilian MRE was created, at the same time that could be the best strong point that civilian MREs have over the Military ones.

Also, another good point that civilian MREs have at their favour is the source, people like to know from which place is coming the resource and military MRE in this case use to pass for a lot of wars and battlegrounds before going to an online shop.

–    Military MREs: Military MREs were created mostly for long war periods or battlefields, it was created for soldiers to recover their energies in the middle of a battle. But there is the strong point of the military MREs. Their lifetime, they can last like 10 years in the best conditions for that the army is really careful with the factors that affect the shelves of food.

Also, an important thing that military MREs have over the civilian ones is that they have more food than the other ones, by the other way they are also even cheaper than the civilian MREs.

Actually, in the end, you have the last word about which MREs is better for you. Sometimes the people use to buy MREs for an incoming situation. In those cases MREs for civilians take place but also there are people that prefer buy resources for situations that can happen in the future. The situation that makes military MREs shine but there is no like a difference that makes one MRE better than the other, it is just the situation that you want to cover.

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